You Know

And you know sometimes words aren’t enough
You know words sometimes run a little too deep
A little too cheap, a little too tough
You know sometimes words get caught up in the rough
And you know sometimes those memories are rich
You know memories get a little stale and
A little too different, hit a little like hail but
Sometimes memories are a necessary stitch
And you know sometimes you’re caught in the mirror
You know reflection can be the source of some fear
It’s a little too sharp and a little too hard because
You know the past gets a little too clear
So from whence we came to
Here we are
And you know these scars…
These scars have come far
And you know
Well, you know it’s a little too real
And you know I’m prone to feel
But these scars set the bar
For the scenes
The sloppy, imperfect, bastardized scenes
The scenes I’ve yet to steal