Past Poetry

I wrote this nearly five and a half years ago. It’s not particularly good, but I stumbled across it in some old e-mails and I figured I’d share it anyway. Enjoy! Or don’t. You know, whatever. No hard feelings.

A drop
A tear?
No, an inkblot at the end of a sentence written without thought
On a page mostly turned but only half read, so
The message unreceived
The response, stammered
Enamored but prone to mistimed cues
Like inappropriate laughter or
More appropriately, a missed key during a key concerto
Which causes a beautiful whole to
Try and make use of its wayward parts to
Try and bring it back to the proper path so
Applause and enrichment override roughshod rhythm

But believe
That even this dissonance of emotion thunders in a paler hue
Compared to the steady beat of the howitzer
Pounding in a chest otherwise still with breath bated
Awaiting a sly glance
A cozy smile
A word at all from a form so pristine and enthralling
She is nothing short of a renaissance of beauty
Brilliant energy from both inside and out sending curls of
Delicate compassion, tremendous energy and love for life
To stand next to
Across from
Near by such a wonder; a blessing
For an undeserved but not unappreciative soul
Who wants nothing more than to bring out
The sensation of overwhelmed senses amidst an adoration unforseen
Unexpected and
Unexperienced before
Though a misstep may trip up attempts at a tango
That leave the head spinning and the feet swept
The intentions are as pure and passionate as an ivory flame

The birth of twenty-four more  beautiful hours yields
Fresh opportunities and brighter days and
Promises amidst even rain clouds