I Could Write

I could write for you until the ink turned to ash and
The page wept
Until sun-kissed clouds became ghosts and
The skies ebbed and flowed like tides
I could write for you until the stars chilled and
The kiss of lead to parchment ignited them all over again
Until the last song of dawn put the last dusk to bed
I could write for you until statues knew to kneel and
Numb began to feel and
When I ran out of words, I’d find some more to steal
I could write and write and write for you
Until my body surrendered arms and
My tongue picked up the attack
I would speak to you
I would regale you
You would never lack for stories
Stories of love, stories of lust
Stories of those who did what they must
I would speak with words of iron
To brace you when you bend and
I would speak with words of honey
To warm you from within and
As my voice grew hoarse and the last light dimmed
I could find the strength to lift the pen
I could write for you

A Toast

I started Word Whiskey 26 days ago as a way to express myself, my writing and my opinions. This will be my 30th post, a fact that illustrates just how off I was on estimating a M-W-F schedule. The updates don’t really have any rhyme or reason but are instead whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. Maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s a short piece of fiction. Maybe it’s writing advice I somehow feel qualified to give.

Yesterday was my most viewed day so far. In 26 days, I’ve accumulated 1,067 views and gained 52 followers. I’m deeply humbled by your interest in my words and fortunate that so many of you feel keen on sticking around! Thanks also to every one of you who shared my posts. That’s how the words get spread around and hopefully they’ll touch or inspire someone else.

I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. I still have strong opinions about many things and I have ideas for recurring article types and fiction pieces.

In the meantime, to celebrate my first thousand views and the receptive audience you’ve graced me with, I propose a toast.

A toast to you who know me
Through words
Through deeds
Through reputation and the seeds
Of conversation
A toast to you who have risen and fallen
Who fought and fight and defend
Who spend their days mending the
Spirits of men and women
You who have succeeded and failed,
Who have tales of endurance
You who read and write; the sight of you

Let’s raise a toast to moon-lit nights and rainy days
To the haze that sets roads in a different age
When the fog rolls through
To the cold nights, too
When the street lights reflect off trees
Decorated in snow and
Ivory spirals blow through the air
A toast to lost loves and loved lives
To husbands and wives and partners
Working together through strife
To fleeting kisses, to passions and blisses
To dancing on tables, fireside fables and

Let’s have a toast to those we have lost
The cost of a world with one ending
Let’s toast to immortalizing them through
Words and deeds of their own

Let’s toast to you and me
He and she and them and they
To night and day and wills and ways
To sun-kissed summers and rainy springs
To snowy winters and autumn things
To our yesterdays and tomorrows and
The present of Present presence
To picking ourselves up and moving along
To words, be they written or flown in a song

Let’s have this toast to speaking our minds and
Keeping in thought
Being loving and kind

Let’s toast to the fact that I’m free to be me
Let’s toast to you and for all that you do