A Nice, Slow Day

I’m recovering from the delightfully hilarious comedy set I got to experience last night as well as the copious amounts of drinking that followed after. I’m two weeks behind on new comic books, so I’ve spent the bulk of my day rectifying that. A guy needs his comic fix, y’heard?

But I don’t want to leave you with nothing! Only almost nothing. I was browsing around online earlier and stumbled across this image:


That piece is by Michael Heath (you can find his gallery here and I recommend checking it out), and it won an award as the cover for Mark Walden’s Earthfall. I haven’t read the book but I do like the image, and sometimes I’ll see a picture that makes me want to whip out something nice and quick. So here is this:

David sat behind his desk in the loft he rented for far too much money. It rested at the top of a former cathedral that had been converted into a series of odd living quarters in an effort to provide more homes for the rapidly growing populace as well as wrest some control away from the religious leaders in the community. He didn’t particularly care either way; it was quiet and it was roomy. Exactly what he wanted out of a bachelor pad.

It wasn’t a bad office space, either, and he tapped a penical against his right ear while looking over the designs for his latest building project. He had been commissioned by the Minister of Commerce to come up with a new Justice Center that would be worthy of the duties carried out inside. It took a few months, but he was almost finished.

He put lead to paper and moved it in its final line. A loud and sudden THRUM blasted through his ceiling and sent him sprawling from his chair to the floor. The start caused the pencil to drag off course and tear through the picture. David swore loudly and climbed shakily to his feet.

The sound hadn’t stopped. It vibrated the entire cathedral, rumbling at a decibel he couldn’t hear himself over. He hurried over to the window to attempt to get a glimpse of what was causing it, trying not to worry about what kind of damage it was doing to his ears. All he could make out was a long shadow covering part of the city.

Wait. A shadow? What could…cause a shadow that big…

Swallowing hard, David pushed open his window. Carefully, he climbed out onto the terrace and then pulled himself up on the jutting pieces of tje roof. It was dangerous, a long and fatal fall if he slipped, but it wasn’t his first time. Nights spent on the roof staring at the starry skies was a peace he had never previously known.

It wasn’t night now, though, and instead of serenity, a sense of dread took root in his belly. He stared with an open jaw at the cause of the shadow.

A massive circular ship of some kind crawled across the sky, clouds gathering around it like a storm. The center of its bottom opened up in a hole that, despite its immense size, could not be peered deeply into. There were no companion craft, no colors to indicate what country it may have originated from. It merely moved until it was directly over the old Justice Center. It stopped there and hovered.

The thrumming stopped.


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