So I screwed up the last couple days. I was up super early/late Sunday night/Monday morning and wrote Rooftop Music, which is about rain and romance and introspectiveness and then I slept for three terrible hours and worked a long, awful shift at work.

Because of that, I forgot I was supposed to post Bloghopper, which is about my writing process, what I’m working on and also includes links to blogs of some talented writers. Nobody read it. You should at least go check out the four people I linked.

I put up Bloghopper yesterday and wrote Santa Wears a Black Hat which was supposed to post for today’s obligatory post but accidentally posted yesterday. It wound up becoming one of my most viewed posts in about six hours (go check it out if you want to know more about the people I grew up with and around; it’s a doozy) but left me without anything crazy to post today.

So here’s a poem. Hope you enjoy:

H, that cross-hatched, two-laned letter that is
Equal parts genesis to
Horror and happiness
Sweat beading on my lips and brow
Elevated heart rate
Pound-pounding in my chest as Goosebumps ripple
Anticipation Skin as breezily as the
E in easy
The laidback I felt way back before the
Pressure attacked
I’m A for apt to collapse
Pen poised but nary a scratch
Eyes locked, but where is the catch
The hinge, the quick snatch, that
Connection attached to emotion
I can’t be the only one whose collar bottom is
That’s it to a
Tension, trembling hands tentatively
Trying to prose, trying to pose for a beckon
A beacon to she who has
Meekened me
Weakened knees
Who is speaking to these
Words hanging in this
Drop of ink that won’t drop
The clock tick-tocks and won’t stop
The deadline is nearer and
She’s growing further and
All I can feel is this

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