Life from First Person POV

I checked in over at Deadly Ever After and found a solid post about writing in first person. The novels I write tend to have large casts, so I find third person works well enough for me in exploring every little nook and cranny. But I recently experimented with 1st person over in Birthday Notes III and this post by Kristen Strassel illustrates how a more focused first person perspective can pack an intense punch.

Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew: Pollen Brulee

by Kristen

First or Third?

It’s usually the next question writers ask each other soon after “what do you write?”

Whatever your choice is, you are probably pretty passionate about it. You may cross genres and age groups with the greatest of ease, but how you tell the story is your voice. Chances are, you are much more comfortable with one than the other.  When I tell people I write in first person, they’ll either say they love doing it or they can’t do it. That’s how I feel about third person. For me, evening the playing field and knowing all the characters the same way flattens my storytelling. I feel like I’m giving a recap of a TV show, or just blocking out a screenplay. I’m simply reacting to what other people are doing. I admire everyone who writes third person with conviction and emotion…

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